Who are we?

The Gay Homeland Foundation is an international organization dedicated to the idea of creation of a self-administrated territory for the GLBT-people. Our association dedicates itself also to the promotion of the cultural, economic and political development of the GLBT-community, and aims to improve the reputation and protection of its nationals in the world.

Our mission:

Whereas Gay and Lesbian people in some European countries and Canada are free from discrimination and enjoy equal rights with heterosexual citizens, most of our people are subject to harassment, humiliation and state-sanctioned discrimination. Their civil rights are violated by prohibition of the same-sex marriage, professional restrictions and social oppression. In many states homosexuality is persecuted by criminal laws, resulting in long imprisonment or death penalty. Even in countries like the United States which were believed to be rather liberal and progressive, a severe backlash is to be feared.

Great progresses were achieved by the efforts of Gay rights activists groups like ILGA, including Gay marriage or civil partnership in liberal countries. We recognize these efforts of the numerous international and local Gay and Lesbian organizations, but we also strongly believe that this approach does not offer a relief for the GLBT people suffering the worst discrimination in large parts of this world. May in some countries the life for heterosexuals be difficult and full of hardship, the life of homosexuals is much harder. For so many there is only one way to escape from the tyrany: to flee to a country with a bearable legislation. Non of the leading liberal countries offers a free immigration right for persecuted Gay and Lesbian people, and a single man or a woman can make very little to change the pace of history.

Taking these facts into account, we believe that there is a great need to establish a place for GLBT-people to find refuge and protection. There should be a refuge for our people to withdraw from homophobic states now and in the future. This concept might include protected settlements within existing countries, as well as a creation of a new land for homosexual people. To make this dream of our own country become real, long and steady efforts will be required, but it's worth all of the constraints.

An additional increase of self-consciousness of the GLBT-community is expected when Gay and Lesbian people would understand themselves as a "folk" with own cultural identity and traditions, a Gay nation indeed.


Key Concepts


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