The conception of creation a gay homeland is not new. The pool of ideas includes up to date "gatherings", micronations and Vatican-like entities; a democratic "take-over" of a single county in California was as well in consideration in the seventieth. In our days, many smaller GLBT communities are trying to retire into protected, gated communities with their own shops, common houses and schools in the hope to be "let alone" by heterosexuals. Still, the inhabitants are subject to heterosexual-majority legislation, which is mostly seeking to opress the gay people and deprive them of their human and civil rights.

We firmly believe, that unless gay people take their affairs in their own hands, no long-term and sustainable guarantee for our rights can be achieved. We have decided to pursue the idea of an independent gay nation and make it a part of the global GLBT movement. Not everyone would emigrate to this state, but the mere existence of a gay state will strenghthen the position of our people in the world. For those, who are in danger, this state will offer refuge and protection. The gay nation shall be based upon equality for all of its future citizens and shall secure the self-determination of the gay people. Our approach to the gay homeland aims to achieve the following important goals:

- offering a refuge for any GLBT person through free immigration right, independently from wealth, origin, health status and religious beliefe;

- enforcing full civil rights for GLBT people and the means for protection of gay people against hostile activities and persecution;

- self-administration for the GLBT people in this area, including nurturing of gay culture and customs, wealth, education and self-consciousness as a people.

The final goal is the establishment of a state for our people, but any progressive solutions such as colonies/settlements with partial self-administration should be considered as helpful and be included into the concept.

We will not begin by making territorial claims on lands owned by another sovereign nation. We will also not declare any futile wars, or urge the violent overthrow of any existing nation. Instead, we offer a realistic method for forming a wide base of committed, interested and dedicated followers from across the spectrum of the GLBT community who wish to see a true, free and democratic state to call their own come into existence through legally sustainable, peaceful means. The power shall lay in the hands of the inhabitants fully of its own volition; any premature, non-substantial declaratiuons of “independence” or ill-fated attempts to secede from an existing country through violent means shall be regarded as nonconstructive and noxious for our cause.

Our vision and plans for attaining this goal are at present easily separated into two phases:

phase I

Our organization is established as a legal entity and operates in compliance with local and international law. A network including local representations and Membership will be expanded by popularization the idea. The larger our membership, the more serious our cause will be taken by the world at large. Any gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered or transsexual individual in any nation is eligible to become a member in the organization and will, once we have achieve our homeland, be eligible for full citizenship and all its rights.

Discourse and free, civilized exchange about what and how we want to take place and shape, as well as where, when and how will happen next. The idea has to be developed further and fresh input is highly appreciated. The concepts have to be investigated and the most promising approaches shall be pursued with faith and energy. Once we are acknowledged as a serious, large, vocal and multi-faceted entity with membership and voices from every nation, our chances to establish the Gay Homeland will increase significantly.

Perhaps the government of a large and thinly-populated nation will agree to sell us a span of uninhabited land in their domain and grant us the rights we are eager to achieve. Alternatively we can promote individual migration and land purchase to the said area, increase our political influence and finally reach our long-term goals by democratic means.

Funds to acquire community lands for our homeland will have to be raised through membership, donations and whatever other means are at our disposal or may be developed to aid our cause. Once suitable prospective candidates for our homeland have been identified, we shall agree upon purchase of lands and issue recommendations for our people to move there.

phase II

Once our efforts to find a place for our people succeed, the long-term process for infrastructure programs, immigration aid and establishing of a functional society shall begin.

Universal right to establish a permanent residency for any gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, or transgendered individuals from any other country must be codified. Procedures to aquire full citizenship must also be codified.

The details of increasing self-administration and judicial framework must be worked out and functioning administrative bodies be established. Social security, public health, education and constitutional state are just view key points to be mentioned on this place. We want to create a modern civil society and are confident that our people are gifted and willing to achieve this goal.

Serious dialogue with the involved powers must take place in order to regulate civil and military relationships. An eventual goal will possibly include a declaration of independence and acknowledgment by the world's diplomatic community as a sovereign state. Participation in multinational civil and defence organizations should be taken into consideration to benefit from the global trade and peace-maintaining structures.


Key Concepts


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